Interactive Voice Reponse (IVR)

Learn everything you need to know about creating, configuring and using Interactive Voice Response with Ringba.

An IVR or “Interactive-Voice-Response” is an automated system for qualifying callers with prompts and routing them to a destination based on their responses. Ringba’s intuitive drag-and-drop IVR Builder and flexible rules-based routing engine makes it easy to design and track and control your traffic, call flow and customer experience.

Interactive Voice Response makes it easy to configure caller prompts for qualifying and routing your calls exactly where they need to go in real-time. The IVR Builder also features whisper messaging, automatic text-to-speech in 15+ languages, the ability to upload custom IVR audio files and more while the reporting suite provides detailed analytics abouts how your caller interacted with your IVR.


Step 1) Setup Routing Plan

To setup a Routing Plan, navigate to “Routing Plans” from the main Dashboard and click on “Create Routing Plan”.

Give your Routing Plan a “Name” and click on “Create” to begin adding destinations. Setup your Targets / Groups and configure their settings like Weight and Priority. Click on “Close” and your Routing Plan settings will be saved automatically.

Step 2) Build an IVR Tree

Your next step is to build your IVR Tree. Navigate to IVRs from the main menu and select “Create IVR Tree”.

At the top of the IVR builder, you can name your IVR, save your configuration and expand or collapse your nodes for a high-level overview of your IVR. Drag-and-drop Nodes are used to build your IVR trees. You can add your first Node by dragging the node onto the workspace.

Step 3) Route to a Campaign

Now it’s time to put it our IVR to work by attaching it to a campaign.

To switch a campaign from Standard Routing to IVR Routing, navigate to “Manage Campaigns” under “Campaigns” from the main Dashboard. Find the Campaign and click into the “Campaign Details” page.

Next, scroll down to “Call Routing”. Click on “IVR” and select your IVR Tree from the dropdown menu. Your Routing Settings for the Campaign will be updated and saved automatically.


"How do I make changes or edit an IVR Tree?"

To make changes to your IVR, navigate to “Manage IVR Trees” under ‘IVR’ and click “Edit IVR”.

"Why can’t I save my IVR Tree?"

Your IVR Tree must meet validation criteria before you can save it for use in a Campaign. Nodes causing validation errors will be marked with a red counter beside the Node Name. Hover over the counter to learn more about the validation error.

"How do I make changes or edit an IVR Tree?"

To make changes to your IVR, navigate to “Manage IVR Trees” under ‘IVR’ and click “Edit IVR”.

"Can I use the same IVR Tree for multiple Campaigns?"

Of course! IVR was built to be flexible, dynamic and valuable for any and every use case.

"What IVR data is available in the Call Log?"

If a call is routed through an IVR Tree, the Call Log will report on the caller’s; IVR Tree and Enter / Exit Nodes.

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