Reporting Interface

Learn how to navigate and use the Ringba Reporting interface. Ringba’s reporting suite contains all the tools you need to filter, group and sort your data by whatever metrics are most important to your success, all in real-time.

The reporting interface is broken down into four sections; Settings, Charting, Calls and Call Details.

Settings gives you the ability to adjust and configure your report including, Time Zone, Date Range, Hide Sections of the Report, Auto-Refresh, Click-to-Refresh, add Filters your data or to Save the Report to the Main Menu for quick access.

The Charting report allows you to visualize your call traffic by 'Hour', 'Day', or 'Month'.

The Calls report groups, filters and aggregates statistical information into easy to read totals.

Call Details allows you to see all the individual information about your calls, what happened, the call record, attribution tags and events. From here, you can also listen to Call Recordings, block Phone Numbers from calling again, or add a custom Annotation Tags.

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