Managing Target Groups

Learn how to setup, manage and route calls to Target Groups inside the Ringba platform.

Target Groups are for call centers, call buyers, and partners who have multiple queues, campaigns, or inbound numbers. Using a target group, you can make sure that your partners are not overwhelmed while accepting calls from numerous sources. You can do this by configuring operational hours, concurrency and volume caps that are applied to and spread across multiple targets inside your group.

How to Create a Group

To create a Group, navigate to “Targets” from the main menu and click “Add Group”. From here, you can configure your Group settings; including; the Group Name, Timezone, Override settings, enable Simuldial and select the targets you want to include in your Group.

How to Add a Group to a Routing Plan

To use your group in a Call Routing Plan, navigate to “Manage Campaigns” under “Campaigns” from the main menu. Find the Campaign, get into the Campaign Details page and scroll down to Call Routing. If want to remove any existing targets from your Routing Plan, click on “Remove” next to the Target under “Actions”.

Click on the “Groups” tab, find the Target Group and click Add. Configure the group’s Routing Plan settings including Priority, Weight, and Conversion Settings.

“Priority is used to determine the order that Ringba will route calls from the Campaign to Groups and Targets in the Routing Plan. “Weight” is a sub-setting of priority that is used to balance call routing between targets and groups that have the same priority.

With our group’s Routing Plan configured, it is now ready to receive calls.

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